Griekenlandcentrum - Lezing: Double lecture Mission Bulgaria - Di 27 maart 13u30

 In naam van Roald Docter: 3. Double lecture Mission Bulgaria, 27th March

The double lecture will deal with the advanced civilizations that evolved in the Bulgarian lands during Prehistory, Antiquity and the Middle Ages. The lecture will be complemented by a power point presentation, highlighting the most important archaeological sites, ancient books and miniatures, and will span the period from the Neolithic (7th millennium BC) through the Chalcolithic (5th millennium BC) and until the fall of the Second Bulgarian Empire in the 14th century.


Deze lezing gaat door op dinsdag 27 maart om 13u30, in Campus Mercator, Gebouw A (Abdisstraat, Gent), Auditorium A203 (Tweede verdieping)

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